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Whether you are a large business needing to recycle your outdated office electronics, or just your average person wanting to recycle your old computer, we can help you get the job done. In most cases putting money in your pocket instead of charging you for the removal.


With a simple email or phone call we can set up a time to come to you and pick up all your unwanted equipment and pay you on the spot for all your end of life electronics.


We try to reuse all parts of computers that are still functional and properly send the rest to be recycled in a responsible manner. We do NOT ship to any oversees companies for recycling.


We offer some of the best prices in the Denver Metro area for computer related recyclables.


You need not worry about information theft from your old drives. We use a DOD compliant software program to wipe them clean of all data before resale. If drive is not reusable it will be completely broken down and drive platters rendered unreadable and recycled.


We reuse/recycle everything from your office calculator to large copiers. We like to say here "If it plugs in or runs on batteries we can recycle it".

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